Voluntary Cooperation To Tackle Food Loss and Waste

Food loss and waste is one indicator of how inefficient our food system is. The GRASP 2030 (Gotong Royong Atasi Susut & Limbah Pangan di Tahun 2030) will bring together all businesses and supporting players in Indonesia’s food chain to work together to make food production and consumption more sustainable.

What is Food Loss and Food Waste?

23 – 48 million tons of food is wasted every year in Indonesia and this could have nourished 61 – 125 million people*

The food loss and waste (FLW) also generated 85 Mton CO2-eq emission each year, which is equal to 18 million vehicles’ emission annually. These are the evidences of how FLW impacted people, planet, and economy. It takes years to grow our food but it only takes seconds to waste our food. Yet we know there is no ‘Planet B’. The SDGs helped us set up ambitious goals to create a sustainable food system and make everyone can have a decent life in the future. This is why we need to take action.

*Source: BAPPENAS (2021)

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Bryan Citrasena
Project Manager, Food & Nature