Halving Food Loss and Waste and Fighting Food Hunger

The GRASP 2030 (Gotong Royong Atasi Susut & Limbah Pangan di Tahun 2030) is a Voluntary Agreement (VA), that will bring together all businesses and supporting actors across the food system chain in Indonesia to take action in making the food production and consumption more sustainable.

This initiative is based on a collaborative commitment and action to achieve the Goal 12.3 of SDG, halving food loss and waste by 2030, thus increasing the environmental, social, and economic benefits for the participating organizations and for the country. In addition, preventing food waste by redistributing it to human consumption can help reducing hunger issue, the Goal No.2.

Our Core Signatories include food sector businesses who commit to demonstrate sustainable practices in their operations

Supported by Associate Signatories who have the same mission within their organizations to realize a sustainable food system

Collaborative Framework and Progress-Focused Program